Welcome to all of our

Fine Feathered Friends

We are so glad you're part of our flock.


Our Fine Feathered Friends community celebrates God's creatures near and far.  Just like each of the 4,000 species of songbirds in Creation have their own unique songs, we each have our own unique forms of expression.

Songbirds illustrator Paige Byrne would love to have you draw some of our Fine Feathered Friends from the book Songbirds with her. Follow along with her illustration how-to's below and once you've created a Songbird that you'd like to share, submit it to us to here in our 

Fine Feathered Friends Gallery.

We are so happy to have you here!

Fine Feathered friends come to us from

Tennessee & Georgia...join the flock!

Songbird Creations is a new community inspired by the book Songbirds. Join us as we build our nest of 

Fine Feathered Friends in creating art & writing!

Bulk orders of the book Songbirds are available at a discount when you order 25 or more books. Please contact our publisher by filling out this form or by emailing dyer.cbpublishing@gmail.com.

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